Classic Holiday Club offers a wide range of membership options, from points ownership to pay as you go membership. It features a wide range of club owned properties throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through the unique Points & Play feature from the club manager, members have access to flexible travel options, short stays, and a discounted on-line hotel and resort booking portal featuring over 700,000 properties. 

ESCAPES13 YRSPAYGDEC 2034$5,9002916289
ESCAPES12 YRSPAYGJULY 2033$5,9002875646
ESCAPES9 YRSPAYGJUNE 2030$5,4001409367
ESCAPES9 YRSPAYGSEPT 2030$5,4001409096 - SOLD
ESCAPES8 YRSPAYGAPRIL 2029$5,4001528249
ESCAPES8 YRSPAYGOCT 2029$5,4001388535
ESCAPES6 YRSPAYGAPR 2027$5,4001452775 - SOLD
ESCAPES5 YRSPAYGFEB 2026$4,9001420619
ESCAPES5 YRSPAYGNOV 2026$4,9002832893
ESCAPES4 YRSPAYGMAR 2025$4,9001553755 - SOLD
ESCAPES4 YRSPAYGMAR 2025$4,9001550304
ESCAPES4 YRSPAYGMAR 2025$4,9001399373
ESCAPES3.5 YRSPAYGFEB 2025$4,9001551359

Terms & Conditions apply. Pricing is from, and subject to stock availability.