If you love spending time away on holiday, you are not alone!  You work hard all year round and you deserve to enjoy yourself!  You save, you plan and you book for a few precious weeks away at your ideal holiday destination with the people you love.  One of the most important parts of planning your holiday comes down to choosing your accommodation.   You need something comfortable, spacious, at a good location and within your budget!  Finding accommodation that ticks all the boxes can be difficult and time consuming. An option that many people tend to overlook is timeshare!  Timeshares are superior to regular hotel accommodation in many ways and is an affordable option for many families.  Choosing to invest in timeshares can save families money on food, activities and accommodation.  You may not realise but timeshares are a great value option without sacrificing on luxury!

Typical timeshare accommodation

Timeshare resorts typically offer a luxurious combination of resort convenience and residential comfort.  Most timeshare resorts are 3-5 stars with all the amenities that you would find in a high end luxury resort.  Amenities that your timeshare resort would normally have would include restaurants, bars, shops, swimming pools and activity centres. A typical timeshare accommodation is a full condominium unit that would include:

  • One, two or three bedrooms
  • A central living room (usually with a sofa bed)
  • Dining area
  • A complete kitchen with full-size stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher and dishes and utensils.
  • Washer and dryer
  • One, two or three bathrooms!

Typical hotel accommodation

When comparing timeshare accommodation to a typical hotel room, it is easy to see the difference in value between the two options.  Most hotel room options would include the following:

  • One bedroom
  • A central living/dining area
  • Tea/coffee facilities, bar fridge, microwave
  • One bathroom

As you can see, a typical hotel room usually offers a lot less space and would not be a fully self contained condominium.  A hotel room would usually also be less luxurious than timeshare accommodation.

Timeshare offers great value, luxury accommodation at a considerably small investment.  If you love travelling and appreciate great value, contact us at Royale Timeshare Resales to find out more about timeshare.  A timeshare resale is a second hand timeshare that someone no longer needs and is a great value option for those looking to start out in timeshare.  Contact us today to find out about buying a timeshare resale today!

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