Do you have questions about timeshare or are you wondering how timeshare works?  If you do, you are not alone!  Here at Royale Timeshare Resales, we get a lot of questions about timeshare and timeshare resales. We have noticed that there seems to be a lot of confusion out there about what timeshare actually is.  Here are some of the most common questions that we receive here at Royale Timeshare Resales:

What is Timeshare?

What are Timeshare resales?

Which Resort or Hotel can I stay at?

Do I have to stay at the same resort every year?

What are Points?

What is Timeshare?

Timeshare can be a confusing term especially with some of the misinformation out there.  Timeshare is a type of vacation ownership in which multiple individuals share rights to use the property, each with his or her own allotted time frame.   Timeshare today has a lot more flexibility in travel dates, resort and accommodation than in previous years. Your timeshare options have never offered such great value or been more flexible than now!

What is Timeshare Resales?

Timeshare resales are second-hand timeshare ownership that you can buy from a broker such as Royale Timeshare Resales.  A timeshare resale is usually a lot cheaper than a brand new timeshare and so is a really attractive option for many people.  If you are interested in purchasing a timeshare resale, contact us at Royale Timeshare Resale and we can give you more detailed information. We are a licensed timeshare resale broker offering a large selection of second-hand timeshare accommodation ownerships within Australia and the Pacific region.

Which Resort or Hotel can I stay at?

The resort that you stay at will depend on the timeshare that you purchase. There are so many timeshare properties available that you can afford to be really picky and look for something that you love! Timeshare accommodation has a number of attributes that make it superior to almost all other kinds of holiday accommodation! There are thousands of top holiday destinations in many countries around the world. You can choose from a huge selection of resorts, hotels, apartments at some beautiful locations!

Do I have to stay at the same resort every year?

Modern timeshare is a lot more flexible than timeshare when it first emerged.  Timeshare now allows owners flexible plans where you can stay at any property around the world that’s affiliated with the brand.  Most of the timeshare programs are points/credits based where the number of points that you need varies depending on the length of stay, location and when you want to use it.  The points-based programs offer flexibility and variation with their holiday every year and so are very popular.

Points and weeks

Usually, timeshare will use the term Points and Weeks when describing timeshare options. When you purchase points, you are basically purchasing time in your timeshare brand.  More points equal a longer stay or better accommodation. Some timeshare programs allow you to buy weeks, which is another form of time in your timeshare.  Weeks are usually flexible and in many cases, you will be able to use it at different hotels or resorts.  Whether its points or weeks, you can be sure you will be staying at a great resort in a world class location!

If you still find timeshare confusing or have a question about your timeshare options, contact us for an obligation free discussion. We are always happy to help with any enquiries.

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