RTR is a licenced timeshare resale broker offering a large selection of second hand timeshare accommodation ownerships within Australasia at highly competitive prices. We are very proud to be a leader in the second hand timeshare resale market, offering people exceptional value for money for the same superb timeshare holiday ownerships with luxury accommodation offerings, as those who purchase through the primary sales outlets.
Along with offering owners beautiful resort accommodation during prime Red Season as well as White and Blue season timeframes, owners of second hand timeshares can also take advantage of the opportunity of visiting many beautiful and stunning locations throughout the world through memberships to a selection of exchange companies, RTR offer complementary exchange company membership for a year to all our second hand buyers.
RTR is very proud and dedicated to providing exceptional value and supreme service through reselling a large selection of the best second hand timeshare accommodation ownerships to people wishing to secure a lifestyle investment in making wonderful memories with family and friends at beautiful holiday destinations. For families who require school holiday guarantees, we have a large selection of Red Season timeshare offerings.
We love that we can offer those important quality of life special moments and memories with family and friends to people in the form of second hand timeshare ownerships, at an affordable price, during prime Red Season through to White and Blue season timeframes (outside of school holidays).
Through the ever growing slow movement, where relaxation and quality time connecting with children, family and friends is now a priority in peoples’ lives, ‘you can now invest in this lifestyle more affordably through purchasing a second hand timeshare ownership from a reputable licenced broker like RTR.
RTR is dedicated and passionate to continuing to delight clients with their unmatched service and value within the second hand timeshare resale market. We have been doing this for a very long time, over 24 years, and making people’s dreams a reality through second hand timeshare ownership and hearing about their amazing experiences and trips is just wonderful…